Rain over the sea

The sky's intense splendor was suddenly wrapped in a thick mass of clouds of a dark leaden hue.

The sea breeze, fresh and rebellious - the same breeze sweeping through her hair, majestically highlighting her elegant beauty, giving her the sublime appearance of a seagull free on the wind -, dragged the huge black clouds on a desperate chase, changing the somber landscape, hiding the sun with its shadow and spilling its black shape over the ever thickening sea.

Quickly the rainstorm approached and soon spent all its fury upon the place where we stood. Then it happened.

She glanced through me with that bewitching gaze which makes me love her, and we spoke, without the need for words. Like two children, we leapt down the path until we reached the warm and humid sand. Millions of watery diamonds beat us incessantly. The angry sea was covered beneath a veil of mist and invited us, with its waves, to refresh ourselves in its foaming waters.

Laughing and naughty, she shed her clothes before my amazed eyes, and dove fleeting into the troubled waters. She emerged somewhat farther out and, with the water running in torrents across her skin - outlining the shape of her delightful figure -, she invited me to follow. Again she submerged and I, mesmerized, followed.

Together we enjoyed the untamable power of the unharnessed sea, the wind's cool caress, and the enchantment of love, wrapped in the nets that with us wove the savage spell of the rain on the sea.

Roberto Perez-Franco
January 15, 1993

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