Pax Manifesto

Pax Manifesto, writen by Roberto Perez-Franco on May 18, 1998, includes four pacifist statements, and has been signed by over a hundred people. The English version, translated from the Spanish original, reads as follows:

Pax Manifesto

We, Scientists, Engineers and Technicians:

First Item: Knowledge used in favor of peace

Admit that the intelectual ability we have to study, understand and modify nature through knowledge and science, is a special and valuable quality that should only be used to seek the welfare, peace and progress for all human beings.

Second Item: Commitment with future generations

State that our purpose is to deliver to the following generations a better mankind, scientifically, technologically and morally more advanced, and which would work in harmony, in a pacific and prosperous way for the good of all, conserving the planet as a suitable place for life.

Third Item: Respect for the individual freedom

Believe that no human or people has rights to impose their own system or social, political, ecomomical, philosophic or religious beliefs, to other human or people. It's an inherent right of each human, to live his life freely, and based on his own convictions, respecting the same right to freedom, as well as all human rights, for other humans.

Fourth Item: No to the war

Consider that war degrades man, and that no war - of any kind - will bring peace as result. Therefore, we shall participate, by any means, neither in the invention, development, improvement or production of any kind of weapon or warfare, nor in the triggering or development of any war or genocide in any place and at any time.

Science, engineering and technology should be peace's brothers.

(End of the manifesto)

An informal movement, called Pax Movement, promotes through a website the ideals expressed in Pax Manifesto. This movement has no affiliations with any political, religious or commercial party, and accepts no sponsors. The Internet address is

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